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Leo comments on yoga3 great ways to practice yoga at home!

Leo Bunyard comments . . .

If you have access to the internet, then you can practice yoga at home; although nothing beats attending a class with a qualified teacher. There is a lot of poor quality yoga instruction on the internet and it can be difficult finding appropriate tuition. In response to this, Leo, and her colleague Lin, have devised a number of ways to help you practice at home.

  1. Yoga with Lin and Leo

    This YouTube channel offers short free videos for both beginners and more advanced yoga students and is regularly updated.


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  2. Check out this ebook, Yoga for the Stressed Body
  3. Download one of our ebooks

    "Yoga for the Stressed Body, Yoga Sequences to Help Cope with Stress"

    Our new ebook, available of Amazon, shows you specially designed Iyengar yoga sequences, which will help you to deal with stress and anxiety.

    To check out this ebook, Yoga for the Stressed Body - click here

    Check out this ebook, Yoga for the Stiffer Body

    "Yoga for the Stiffer Body" -
    Inspirational Sequences Made Accessible for Real People

    This popular ebook, available on Amazon, gives you some sequences for unravelling stiffness in both specific areas and also offers general sequences for improving strength and flexibility in the whole body.

    To check out this ebook, Yoga for the Stiffer Body - click here.


    This online yoga site offers an affordable, structured and safe way to practice.You can test your flexibility using our "flex test" and each pose in the sequences offers alternative ways to access the pose if the way taught is not accessible at this yoga tutorThere is also an 'ask the teacher' facility where frequently asked questions regarding working in the pose are addressed.

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Leonore Bunyard
Iyengar Yoga Teacher

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