Life Balance Yoga
Classes in Egerton, near Ashford, and also at the Maidstone Yoga Centre
Call 07775 720183
Life balance yoga instructor Leo Bunyard

Leonore Bunyard

Leo is a dedicated practitioner of yoga and a certified Intermediate Level 3 IYENGAR® yoga teacher. Teaching for more than a decade, she runs classes in Egerton and at a specialist yoga centre in Maidstone. Egerton village is 9 miles from Ashford, Kent, located on the edge of the Weald between Charing, Lenham and Headcorn.

She holds an honours degree in psychology (recognised by the BPS) and has always taken a keen interest in health. She has studied issues concerning personal development and how stress can manifest itself both physically and mentally. She is the co-founder of an innovative yoga site providing practical online yoga tuition for busy people.
The IYENGAR® yoga she teaches is a dynamic form of yoga, so these introductory classes are suitable for healthy adults. Stiffness and age are no impediments to practice, but there are certain medical conditions for which these classes would be unsuitable. Dhanurasana orientation - yoga pose
Please contact Leo before attending to see if these classes will be right for you.

You need to complete a health declaration form before attendance; download here.
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