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Classes in Egerton, near Ashford, and also at the Maidstone Yoga Centre
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IYENGAR® yoga classes in a beautiful location in the heart of Kent…


Leo is a fully qualified Intermediate Level 3 IYENGAR®  yoga teacher with decades of experience. Individual students are guided through a systematic and safe programme of asanas (postures), permitting each to develop to their own personal capacity.


IYENGAR® yoga lessons focus on alignment and precision to improve posture, flexibility and stability of mind and body. Many students report improvements in back problems, as well as increased physical wellbeing and mental health.


IYENGAR® yoga is a form of Hatha yoga which takes its traditions from ancient Indian texts. It’s accessibility has made it the most popular type of yoga taught in the West. 

If you can’t get to face-to-face classes, Leo and her colleague Lin have developed a number of ways to help you practice at home or while you are away click here

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If you have access to the internet, then you can practice yoga at home Read more...

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