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Leo comments on yogaYoga Can Improve Overall Wellbeing

Leo Bunyard comments . . .

The latest absence-in-the-workplace surveys conducted by both the CBI and the CIPD indicate that the majority of short-term absence is caused by minor illness, musculo-skeletal problems and stress. As part of an everyday routine, yoga can assist in reducing these problems and improving people's lives.

Regarded as a model of excellence within the yoga world, Iyengar yoga focuses on proper alignment of the body. It advances students at their own pace within a structured programme. It is one of the safest and most accessible types of yoga, which has made it the most popular form of yoga practised in the West.

Our newest venture, which is due to launch soon, is an online yoga site that will enable potential and existing students to practise yoga in a convenient and cost-effective way - wherever they are.

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