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Classes in Egerton, near Ashford, and also at the Maidstone Yoga Centre
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IYENGAR® yoga classes in the heart of Kent… with Leonore Bunyard.

IYENGAR® yoga is a form of Hatha yoga, based on the system of BKS Iyengar, who has  practised and taught for over 70 years.

IYENGAR® yoga guides the individual student through a systematic and safe programme of asanas (postures), permitting you to develop to your own personal capacity.

IYENGAR® yoga lessons focus on alignment and precision in poses to improve flexibility, stability and well-being.IYENGAR® yoga can help students to improve the function of both body and mind. Many students report improvements in back problems and general health.

Classes are held in the beautiful location of Egerton’s Millennium Hall with far-reaching views over the Weald of Kent and also in Maidstone Yoga Centre; a dedicated yoga studio,which provides an oasis of calm for your yoga practice.

3 great ways to practice yoga at home! 

Leo comments on yogaLeo Bunyard comments . . .

If you have access to the internet, then you can practice yoga at home; although nothing beats attending a class with a qualified teacher. There is a lot of poor quality yoga instruction on the internet and it can be difficult finding appropriate tuition.

In response to this, Leo, and her colleague Lin, have devised a number of ways to help you practice at home. Read on...

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